Thursday, May 15, 2014

One month away...prework is underway!

Class prework is underway and it is great to see the students conducting research on the countries and cities we are visiting. As I was responding to student posts on the Northwest Online site, I realized today is May 15! That means we are one month away from our trip! We (myself included) still have a lot of research to do to be fully prepared for the trip. It is important to me that each of us take off for the trip with knowledge an on the geography, demographics, cultural, political, and economic environments of Hungary, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Thus, each week of our prework will focus on a few areas of the environmental scan.

The students going on the trip seem to be the most familiar with Prague. A few of them have friends who have studied abroad or visited Prague in the last few years. Common questions that students are asking at this point are in regards to concerns with pick pocketing and general questions about the food and concerns with packing. What I love about the group thus far is everyone seems genuinely excited to research and learn more about this region! 

In addition to the environmental scan, students are also researching options of things to do in our free time. We don't have much free time in Hungary, but we do have more free time in Austria and the Czech Republic. I'll post a few of the free time options that the groups have come up with in one of my next posts. I am hopeful there are others who are interested in a dinner cruise on the Danube (below). 

Have a great weekend! 

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