Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 1 in Budapest

Hello from Budapest! After stops in Minneapolis and Amsterdam, we arrived in Budapest late this afternoon. Things went smoothly and our only  small issue so far is one checked bag didn't make the flight from Amsterdam to Budapest. It should arrive later tonight or in the middle of the night. 

What a great group of students we have! Despite a long day of travel, everyone was smiling, positive about things, etc.. Hotel check-in went smoothly and most were able to get refreshed quickly before our orientation session with our CEPA guide, Silvia. Silvia discussed using the Budapest busses, trams, and underground rail system as well as areas of town we might want to check out in our free time. Following the session, we went to a group welcome dinner. We walked halfway and took the bus to get everyone used to the transportation options. The food at dinner was good! We were served traditional goulash soup, chicken with stuffed cheese and tomatoes, grilled vegetables and  a variation of a lemon cake with fruit tart dessert. 

Following dinner we walked down to get our first glance of the Danube at night! What a beautiful sight! I'm looking forward to a night time cruise on the Danube on Wednesday or Thursday evening. After viewing the Danube, some of the group ventured out to check out more of Budapest and another group of us headed back to our hotel. 

After little to no sleep on the planes for me, I'm calling it an early night. It's after midnight here but early evening at home. We have a busy day tomorrow with a guided walking tour and a stop at Memento Park. Check in tomorrow for more updates of our trip. Until then, enjoy a few pictures from our Day 1 adventures.



 Above - airport travel photos

Above - we stopped for a quick picture after landing in Budapest!

Above - our first glance of the Danube!

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