Sunday, June 29, 2014

Our final days in Prague

It was great to have a day completely free to explore Prague! Teri and I took our time in the morning and headed out to explore the city about 10:45 a.m. We had an amazing day! We started walking and came across the concert hall. We went in briefly and then spotted a shopping mall across the street. We walked through it but didn't spend much time since we can shop pretty much anywhere! There were too many things we wanted to see in Prague! 

We took the metro across town and got off to go see the Dancing House. It was neat, but didn't take us too long to take a few pictures and move on. Since the Charles Bridge is always so crowded, we decided to go across a different bridge which offered great views of the city but with very few people on it. We took some shots of one another with the castle in the background and then even found a nice family to take our picture. After that, we walked toward Petrin Tower and found a cute little local place to grab some lunch. We took our time at lunch and then continued our walk to Petrin tower. By this time we were a little tired so we opted to see about taking the tram up to the tower and then walk down. Unfortunately, the line was so long, we didn't get to go up! We continued walking along the river to spoke up possible dinner options. We got back to the hotel about 6:00 p.m. and caught up on a few emails, made our phone calls, etc. 

Since we ate a late lunch, we weren't ready for dinner until closer to 9. Eating later meant we were able to eat down by the Charles Bridge. This would've been perfect except it started to rain. The rain didn't damper our spirits, it just meant we didn't get the sunset pictures we hoped for. That was it for our Saturday. The day flew by for us! 

Some of the students went back to the John Lennon Peace Wall, others explored the gardens and Parliament building, and some rented a paddle boat for an hour. I think everyone enjoyed the down time and freedom to do whatever they wanted for the day!

Sunday morning we got up fairly early and headed out to do some souvenir shopping. We walked for a few hours to see more of Prague and then headed back to meet the group and head to the Prague Castle. The Castle was awesome! What wonderful views of the city from the top! Our guide Petr did a nice job of pointing out the history of the cathedral as well as many other historical facts. 

After the Castle we all came back to change and get ready for our farewell dinner. It seems unreal that the trip is coming to an end! Dinner was at an upscale restaurant. We had a great time, reminisced on some great memories, laughed, and cheered to a great trip! On the subway ride home, we decided to have a little fun and take crazy group photos. Everyone has been such a great sport with our numerous group photos so it was fun to let loose and take a few crazy shots of the group!

We leave the hotel at 3:00 a.m. so writing this blog is helping me to pass the time before we embark on our adventure back to the states. What a great two weeks with a wonderful group of students and my good friend Teri! This truly is a trip I will never forget! I think the students had an amazing time and I know they learned more than they even imagine!

Thanks to all of you for following along! 


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